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Surfinity Search

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Description:   Surfinity Search - high performance, feature rich search engine software at a low price. It works with most server and desktop databases and is ideal for publishing large amounts of data on the Internet or CD-ROM.

Surfinity Search features include:

• Powerful and configurable search engine
• Low price and quick ROI
• Lightning fast full-text search
• Near-real-time index updating
• Advanced approximate search
• Support for all standard logical operators and parentheses in search queries
• Advanced result set ordering and scoring system
• Easy to use Windows GUI interface
• Multiple language support (Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and customizable language functionality for all other languages)
• Search for phrases or single words
• Support for wildcards anywhere in a word or phrase
• Support for text, date/time, integers and double/decimal data types
• Unicode support
• Scales across multiple servers for increased scalability
• Lightweight version of the search engine for integration into desktop applications
• Uses SQL Server stored procedures for integration with SQL Server
• Fast Fuzzy search
• Phonetic search
• Remove accents index option
• Noise Words (Stop Words)
• Stemming
• Remove HTML index option
• Index documents pointed to by a path in DB (supports WORD, PDF, HTML & more)
• Index documents stored in DB (supports WORD, PDF, HTML & more)
• Index web pages pointed to by a URL in DB
• Schedule index updates / rebuilds
• Support for incremental index updates
• Plain text search queries (search directly for queries such as "red AND (car OR auto)" without having to parse and build the search query)
• Search result sets can be ordered by database table columns or by score
• Rows in a search result set can be grouped into logical groups
• Supply weight to DB columns when creating indexes in the Index Manager.

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